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Executive Board Meetings: Agendas & Minutes

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CREA Exec Committee Mtg. 2.10.23
Agenda 2.10.23
Legislative Report 2.5.23
Minutes 1.20.23
January Financials
Leg. Calendar 2.4.23
Full Bill List 2.4
Director's Report
Resiliency Presentation
Siting Table Policy Content
State Energy Strategy Bill 2023
HB 3179 One Pgr
HB 3180 One Pgr

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. January 20, 2023: Materials

Agenda 1.20.23
Minutes of 12.9.22
PreSession Bill Notes
Microgrid Proj. Notes
Financials: Dec. 22
Director's Report
Arlington Microgrid 
CREA Executive Committee Mtg. Dec. 14, 2023: Materials
Agenda 12.9.22
Minutes of 10.16.22
CREA Siting Testimony
Financials: Nov. 22
CREA Dues Schedule
Director's Report
Hydrogen Slideshow

CREA Annual Mtg. November 15, 2022: Materials

Agenda 11.11.22
Fiscal Financial Review 
Minutes of 11.16.21
Election Slate
Exec Director Report
Expenditures Summary
 Reimburse Policy
Reimbursement form

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. Oct. 14, 2022: Materials


Agenda 10.14.22
Minutes of 9.9.22
Financials: Sept.
 Reimburse Policy
Reimbursement form
B2H Approval
OTS Rate Change
H2 Support Letter
HB 2855 Concept
HB 2855
HB 2855 Concept
HB 2855 Summary
HB 2855 Summary II
Director's Report

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. Sept. 9, 2022: Materials

Agenda 9.9.22
Minutes of 7.8.22
Financials: August

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. July 8, 2022: Materials

Agenda 7.8.22
Minutes of 6.10.22
Financials: June
CREA Siting Principles
Small Scale Points
Exec Director's Report

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. June 10, 2022: Materials

Agenda 6.10.22
Minutes of 5.13.22
Financials: May
Draft Budget
Exec Director's Report
Info Links Document
RHA Affiliate Agreement
Leg Interim Report
Grid Enhancing Tech

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. May 13, 2022: Materials

Agenda 5.13.22
Minutes of 4.8.22
Financials: June
Draft Budget
Info Links Document

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. April 8, 2022: Materials

Agenda 4.8.22
Minutes of 4.8.22
Financials: April

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. March 11, 2022: Materials

Agenda 3.11.22
Minutes of 2.14.21
Financials: January
Membership Sheet
Exec Director's Report
L77 Support Letter

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. February 11, 2022: Materials

Agenda 2.11.22
CREA Principles
Minutes of 1.14.21
OR Small Scale Study 
Financials: January
BPA Update
Info Links Document
Exec Director's Report

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. January 14, 2022: Materials

Agenda 1.14.22
CREA Principles
Minutes of 12.10.21
Financials: December
Info Links Document
Membership Letter
OR Smart Siting Program
January Report
FERC Power Deal Regulations
Interconnection Letter
Rep Marsh Labor Bill
LC 222 Draft 2022 Session

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. December 10, 2021: Materials

Agenda 12.10.21
Minutes of 10.8.21
HB 2021
Renewable NW
Minutes of 11.5.21
Prineville short film
Financials: November
Info Links Document
Director's Report

CREA Annual Meeting. November 16 2021: Materials

Agenda 11.16.21
Annual Minutes 2020
Financial Audit
Condon Chamber App
Ballot: Exec Committee

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. October 8 2021: Materials

Agenda 10.8.21
Minutes of 9.10.21
Financials: September
Ballot: Exec Committee

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. September 10, 2021: Materials

Agenda 9.10.21
Balance Sheet
Minutes of 8.13.21
Budget Sheet
Exec Dir. Report
Checkin Report
Money Market Rprt.
Checks Detail
Profit & Loss
Fiscal Year Audit

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. August 12, 2021: Materials

Agenda 8.13.21
Balance Sheet
Minutes of 7.9.21
Exec Dir. Report
ODFW v Crook Co. LUBA
ODOE 2021 Leg PP
Budget Sheet
Checks Detail
Profit & Loss
ODFW Slideshow: siting

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. July 9, 2021: Materials

Agenda 7.9.21
Balance Sheet
Agenda 6.11.21
Profit & Loss
Minutes of 6.11.21
Exec Dir. Report
July Articles List
TDC Energy Bills
Budget Sheet
Checks Detail
Profit & Loss

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. June 11, 2021: Materials

Minutes of 5.14.21
Exec Dir. Report
Balance Sheet
Budget Sheet
Checks Detail
Main Checking May
Money Market: May
Draft Budget '21-'22

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. May 14, 2021: Materials

Agenda 5.12.21
Minutes of 4.9.21
Exec Dir. Report
Balance Sheet
Budget Sheet
Profit & Loss
Checks Detail
Members Invoice List
HB 3375 1-pager

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. April 9, 2021: Materials

HB 2021 Testimony
8% Renewable Fix
BDO Zone Briefing
Clean Energy Act
Agenda 4.9.21
Minutes of 3.12.21
Director's Report 
Law Clerk Intern Ad
CREA Email List
Balance Sheet
Budget Sheet
Profit & Loss
Checks Detail
Feb. Statement
March Statement
Snake River Dams: Rep. Simpson's Proposal 
OPUC Letter to Rep Marsh
Cascade Renewable Transmission Project
PowerPoint Presentation Slide

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. March 12, 2021: Materials

Agenda 3.21.21
Minutes 2.12.21
Director's Report
Balance Sheet
Budget Sheet
Checks Detail
Profit & Loss
House Bill 3321
OR Water Resources Congress                    & HB 3321
Presentation: PacifiCorp

CREA Exec Committee Mtg. February 12, 2021: Materials

2.12.21 Agenda 
1.8.21 Minutes
Feb. Director's Report
Renewable Hydrogen
          Fact Sheet
Renewable Hydrogen Assoc.
             Graphic pdf
Senate Bill 333
Balance Sheet
Check Detail
Budget Sheet
Profit & Loss
CREA Exec Committee Mtg. January 8, 2020: Materials

1.8.21 Agenda

Profit & Loss

12.11.20 Agenda

12.11.20 Minutes

Check Detail

Balance Sheet

11.17.21 Minutes

Balance Sheet

Budget Sheet

NewSun Appeal

 Budget Sheet

 Check Detail

Year to Date

Department of Energy Articles via Web Pages

DOE: Energy 101

DOE: Policy Brief

DOE: Clean Energy Standards

Director's December Report

CREA 2020 Annual Meeting packet
  11.17 Agenda     ORO Program Concept  ORO Program draft bill   Draft 10.9 minutes   Draft 10.16 minutes
Agenda for 10/16/20 Special Meeting
Agenda for October 9, 2020         Minutes, September 11, 2020      Minutes, September 18, 2020
RFP/Job Description for Executive Director
  RFP                Correction  to RFP                                                                          CREA Bylaws        CREA IGA
Special Meeting, September 18, 2020              Draft Minutes of September 18, 2020
    Agenda for September 11, 2020                                                  Minutes for August 14, 2020
    Agenda for August 14, 2020                                                             Minutes of June 19, 2020 
                                                      No meeting in July 2020                                                                        
    Agenda for June 19, 2020                                                                   Minutes of May 8, 2020
  Agenda for for May 8, 2020                                                               Minutes of April 10, 2020
    Agenda for April 10,  2020                                                                    Minutes of March 9, 2020
   Agenda for March 9, 2020                                                                   Minutes of February 10, 2020
    Agenda for February 10, 2020 Strategic Planning Session            Minutes of January 10, 2020 meeting
Agenda for January 10, 2020 meeting                                     Minutes of December 13, 2019 meeting
Agenda for December 13, 2019 Meeting                             Minutes of November 19, Annual Meeting
November 2019 Annual Meeting Packet


Including Agenda, Bylaws and list of current Executive Officers

Agenda for November 19, 2019 Annual Meeting                          Minutes of October 11, 2019  meeting
Agenda for October 11, 2019                                                            Minutes of September 13, 2019

Agenda for August 9, 2019                                                           Minutes of July 12, 2019

Agenda for September 13, 2019                                                     Minutes of August 9, 2019

Agenda for July 12, 2019                                                             Minutes of June 14, 2019

Agenda for June 14, 2019
Minutes of May 10, 2019
Agenda for May 10, 2019
Minutes of April 12, 2019

Agenda for April 12, 2019                                                  Minutes of March 8, 2019

Agenda for March 8, 2019

Minutes of February 8, 2019

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Agenda for February 8, 2019

Minutes of January 11, 2019

Agendafor January 11, 2019

Minutes of December 14, 2018

Agenda for December 14, 2018

Minutes of November 13, 2018

Agenda Packet: Annual Board Meeting

for November 13, 2018: Proposed changes to Bylaws, IGA

Minutes of October 12, 2018

Annual Meeting Materials

Oregon Wind & Solar Econ Impact Study

Community Choice Aggregation

Renewable Energy & Direct Public Revenue in OR

Agenda for October 12, 2018

Minutes of September 12, 2018

Agenda for September 14, 2018 

Minutes of August 10, 2018

Agenda for August 10, 2019                                                 Minutes for July 13, 2018

Agenda for July 13, 2018

Agenda for June 8, 2018

Minutes of June 8, 2018

Minutes of May 11, 2018

  Agenda for May 11, 2018

 Minutes of   April 13, 2018

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