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Who is CREA?

Established in 2007, our organization worked closely with the Oregon Department of Energy's (ODOE) Renewable Energy Work Group and others interested in renewable energy to define Oregon's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). CREA is an ORS 190 intergovernmental association. Members include counties, irrigation districts, councils of government, project developers, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations.


What Does CREA do?

CREA works with local communities, counties, state and federal agencies, Congress, the Oregon Public Utilities Commission and the Legislature to advocate for improved policies that support development of more community renewable energy in Oregon. Our members and staff help educate policy-makers and interested communities on steps toward progress for renewable energy development. We also work with parties to make projects happen, providing technical expertise for developers, landowners and counties where projects are under consideration.

Oregon's Abundant Renewable Energy Potential


Renewable Energy and Economic Development go hand in hand.


Ocean waves, geothermal, landfill gas or biogas, wind, solar and biomass are all ripe for development within our state. Using these resources, Oregon holds the power to reduce its use of fossil fuels for energy generation. Much of this vast, resource potential resides in rural areas of the state. Community based projects can have a tremendous impact on the economies of rural Oregon.


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