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Why Small-Scale?

If Oregon is to meet its renewable energy goals, it will need to embrace and support projects of all sizes. Protecting an environment in which small-scale projects can engage in energy sales, helps assure that these energy goals will not be primarily met by out-of state sources.


Communities investing in ownership of a renewable energy project are investing in themselves. While specific benefits vary with each differing community, three general benefits typically appear.



Economic Improvement


Community projects have potential to stimulate local job creation at a higher rate than commercially developed projects. More dollars typically remain within the community, benefiting local economies.

Clean Energy Awareness


Involvement in a community based project offers citizens a hands-on education in clean energy options, stimulating awareness and responsibility.

Community Pride


The responsibility of planning, developing and owning a project fosters greater community confidence, as citizens learn to work toward sustainable energy solutions that will benefit their community and ultimately, the State.

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