CREA supports business and economic opportunities through renewable energy development in a competitive environment. We support use of free enterprise principles to create economically and environmentally responsible electric generation within the State of Oregon.

CREA Executive Committee Mtg

Friday, October 8, 2021

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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For Minutes, Financials, Slide Presentations and any other materials, please visit our "Agenda, Minutes" Page. 

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Executive Board Agenda

Friday, October 8, 2021: 10am-1:00pm 

Via Zoom Video Conference:

Meeting ID: 863 7368 2431

Passcode: szyqNn5q

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1.   Call to Order/Open Agenda - CREA Executive Chair, Commissioner Perkins

               -  Roll Call/Introductions/Time set aside for issues not presented on t                    the agenda


2.   Consent Agenda – Chair Perkins

               - Approve Minutes: September 10, 2021

               - Accept Financials for September, 2021                


3.   CREA Annual Mtg (AOC Conference)

           - Approve Executive Committee nominees slate


4.   Community Solar Property Tax Exemption proposal - Angela Crowly-Koch                                                                                                    10:20           


5.   EDPR: Blue Marmot, Lake Co. - Logan Day 11:00


6.   Biomass - Meaghan Hartman 11:30


7.   Executive Session (12:00pm)  


  Executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(i) to review and evaluate the employment-related performance of the chief executive officer of CREA.  

The purpose of this executive session is for the Executive Committee to review the performance, and consider possible renewal, of the CREA contract with Mike McArthur for CREA Executive Director services.

   IMPORTANT NOTE:  After the executive session, the Executive Committee is likely to return into open session to further discuss the matter, and possibly take action.


8.    Return to Open Session (12:30)

9.    Public Comment - Chair Perkins


10.   Adjourn - Chair Perkins

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