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CREA supports business and economic opportunities through renewable energy development in a competitive environment. We support use of free enterprise principles to create economically and environmentally responsible electric generation within the State of Oregon.

CREA Executive Committee Mtg. will take place on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 from 10am - 1pm 

Via Zoom (link below):


Meeting ID: 875 3457 6197

Passcode: 163653


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Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 20, 2022: 10am-1:00pm

Virtual Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 875 3457 6197

Passcode: 163653

Find your local number:

  1. Call to Order/Open Agenda - CREA Executive Chair, Commissioner Perkins

                            -  Roll Call/Introductions/Time set aside for issues no                                           presented on the agenda


2.  Conversation w/ PUC Commissioner Marc Thompson, CREA Board Members


3.  Consent Agenda – Chair Perkins                                                                                            - Approve Minutes: December 14, 2022

                            - Accept Financials for December, 2022

                            - Cascade Renewable Transmission Grant proposal


4.  Adam Schultz ODOE - Biennial Energy Report/Energy Markets/Regional

     Transmission                                                                             11:00am  

5.  Obsidian Renewable Hydrogen Hub/Oregon Renewables Siting Workgroup/        Resilience Workgroup - Ken Dragoon                                           12:00pm


6.  Legislation - Tess Milio                                                                12:30pm                                                                   

7.  Public Comment/Next Meeting - Chair Perkins                               12:50pm


8.  Adjourn - Chair Perkins


    * Next Meeting: February 10, 2023 Via ZOOM? 


For Minutes, Financials, Slide Presentations and any other materials, please visit our "Agenda, Minutes" Page. 

HB 2021
& Small Scale R.E.

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Community Renewables?

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Qualifying Facilities
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